Post Office Box 191

Medford, Oregon 97501

Welcome to one of America's great softball parks!

In Medford, Oregon, the Rogue Valley Softball Association (RVSA) offers organized recreational and competitive league play for senior men (age 48 and up) and women (age 30 and up).

Our Day League is all about recreation and comradery. We are coed and encourage those with little or no experience to come check us out. Our more experienced players will work with you to help you grow in confidence on the field. "Everyone Plays" is our motto. We balance each team to even out the playing field.

We’re betting you will have the time of your life. Where else can you meet new friends and get a season of great exercise for only $50?  View our videos to get in on the fun.

2019 Opening Ceremonies: 

Meet some players: 

Join the Day League fun on Wednesday morning recreation games and Tuesday/Thursday batting practices. Learn more about the competitive options in Night League and Travel League by clicking on one of the links at the right.


President...Bill Cooper

Vice President...Jim Henley

Secretary...Sue Bailey

Treasurer...Tim Fischer, - (541)772-7970

At Large Member, Paul Jacobus, - (541)708-6183

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